Sentiments Soy Candles

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Welcome to Sentiments Soy Candles

Welcome to Sentiments Soy Candles

Experience the Difference 

Sentiments Soy Candles are hand mixed, measured, and poured with American made & grown components.

 Sentiments Soy Candles do exactly what candles should:

Burn properly,

Burn completely,

Fill your home with true to life fragrances. 

They are the best soy candle!

It's just that simple!

Rosemary Bertinelli

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So real!

The name says it. This scent smells just like fresh, crisp apples. When I am burrning it, I just want to eat an apple! The scent fills the room nicely and Sentiments candles keep their scent all the way down to the bottom. (This is not always true of scented candles you buy in stores.) Plus, soy burns cleanly, with no soot, so it is much safer than using a parrafin candlle. No one makes candles like Sentiments!

Su Ellen

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