Does Your House Have Curb Appeal


Curb Appeal is another way of saying First Impression  

 Have you ever attempted to look at the outside of your home with the critical eyes of someone who is viewing it for the first time?  First impressions are very important especially when selling your home.  These impressions are lasting and set the mood and outlook of you, your family, guests, and/or perspective buyers as they approach and enter your home. Whether you are preparing your home for sale, an upcoming event, the warm weather months, and/or even just considering sprucing up your home’s appearance on a budget, there are many smaller scale do-it-yourself projects that are budget and weekend friendly.  Chances are these little improvements are already on a lower priority “to do list”! It is time to pick a weekend or two and prioritize these 12 suggestions that will level-up the Curb Appeal of your home!


1.  Sweep 

Sweeping the porch, steps, and path to your home makes a big difference.  Sometimes, this is all you have to do!  Sweep away the dirt that collects in the corners and crevices around your house.  Keep it swept.  You may not think it of it as an improvement but it is!

2.  Trim or remove any overgrowth  

Trim any over-hanging branches or brush that extends on to the pathway to your entrance, obstructs windows, or seems scattered and wild.  You may be used to the overgrowth, you may even love it.  Perspective home buyers will not.  They are thinking neat, tidy, trim, and clean.  

3. Improve the Pathway

Remove any moss weeds that are growing through the cracks of pavers, sidewalks, and the front property of the home.  Get out the hose and spend a sunny morning or afternoon washing the porch, and path. Don’t forget the corners and crevices!

 4.  Improve your door

The front door is the first point of contact for anyone entering your home. How clean and appealing is your doorbell and doorknob? Perhaps an update is needed?  A fresh coat of paint, a door knocker, or a new handle and lock will add some character and charm.  Perhaps just a good cleaning is all that is necessary.  Consider a new storm door to freshen up the entrance.  Are you considering a new front door?  Consider one with glass to allow the light to stream through and enlighten your foyer.

5.  Are your home address numbers visible and clear?

There are a variety of ideas to show your house numbers.  Local artists paint decorative stakes and rocks you can place in a front garden bed.  Local and big box hardware stores carry a variety of attractive nail-in and stick-on numerals you can purchase that will be great replacements if your current numerals are old and dated.  

 6.  Sweep, shake out, or replace your doormat

Sweeping and shaking out the dirt that collects in your doormat is another one of those often forgotten little chores that makes an improvement.  Sometimes a simple sweep is all that is needed, sometimes a replacement is the better option.  Doormats come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  They are a functional accoutrement that also shows your home’s personality.

 7.  How does your home look after dark

Clean the lights on your porch. Many of us forget the glass globes, lenses, and lanterns from the light fixtures on our front porches.  Make sure any glass is clean and free of debris.  If any of these fixtures are rusted, faded, worn, or dirty, or old looking, consider replacing them.   Replace older low wattage bulbs with brighter, new LED light bulbs, these are a much cleaner looking light and will still save money on your electric bill.  Keep them on in the evening to light up your clean porch in case perspective buyers drive by in the evening hours to check out how the house looks after dark. 

 8.  Curb Appeal…literally

How appealing is your curb?  Get the broom, a bag, and a dustpan or shovel and sweep the dust and debris right up! Sweep the curb and the corner where the curb meets the road so it is nice and clean. 

If there is grass, toss a few handfuls of grass seed to help improve the lushness of the grass. Pull out the weeds and trim the edges of the grass.  Make your house stand out among the others in the neighborhood.  Perspective buyers will feel as if your house is as meticulously maintained on the inside also.

 9.  Light up the path

While you are waking up your home’s night time appearance, consider solar stakes for the pathway to your entrance or solar caps for fencing around your porch or property.  The installation is simple and requires no wiring.  They are not only functional, but they also make an inviting addition to the your home’s entrance.

 10.  Clean your windows

Don’t do windows?  Invest a few dollars into the future sale of your home by hiring someone to clean the inside and the outside of the windows on your home.  Make sure you clean around the windows too!  Save money and do this yourself on a sunny Saturday morning!  Take the time and spend a day going around cleaning the inside and the outside of every window, including the window sills and sashes.  This will not only make a major improvement to the overall look of the outside of your home but will make an even bigger difference from the inside too.

11.  See what is beyond the glass

Walk outside and take a look at the inside of your house through the windows. What do you see?  

Do this during the day for a daytime view, AND at night when the lights are on inside. Make a note of anything unappealing and quickly remedy it!  Remove the old drapes and curtains and replace them with mini-blinds, or simple solid white or cream sheer panels on a spring tension rod.  These can be purchased inexpensively on-line or in big box/even discount stores.  It is a small investment that makes such a big improvement.

12.  Mailbox

Despite the fact that most of the mail we receive is “pre-sorted, mass marketing, junk mail,” it is still a daily routine to check your mail.  We occasionally receive a card, letter, bill, or other important communication that requires a repository somewhere in the entrance of our home. While we are living our lives, same old same old works. But, when we are in a selling cycle, the outside of this little box that we drop our hand into daily is actually a centerpiece or focal point of our door or entrance-way.  It is time to stop and take notice of the mailbox and replace it or repaint it if necessary.

 First impressions are very important especially when selling your home.


If you are seeing these imperfections, chances are very good that those entering your home are seeing them too!  Especially if you are preparing your home for sale, a perspective buyer should never enter your home with a checklist of improvements they will have to make. These 12 suggestions are a good first step to help avoid that pitfall.  These are only suggestions that could make the difference on whether an offer is placed and the amount of the offer.


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