About: Rosemary Bertinelli & Sentiments Soy Candles

About Real Estate:

I am the proud Mom of 5 boys, reside on the beautiful Jersey Shore and am a full time realtor with Keller Williams Realty Spring Lake. 

My perspective is unique, sophisticated, and energetic perspective and employs a fresh, honest, and direct approach to my clients, practices, and business. Well acquainted with luxury properties, I have a knowledge and appreciation for this area of specialized real estate and its clientele.  My broad perspective and objectivity makes mean excellent trouble-shooter and very effective and creative negotiator.

If you are considering selling, investing, or buying along the Jersey Shore, I will use my unique skills to your best advantage. I am an energetic self-starter, easily approachable, upbeat, friendly, and accessible at all times to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call me today, I looks forward to welcoming you into my Real Estate family of clients.

About Sentiments Soy Candles

I began creating scented candles as a hobby while my boys were young. I would give them to friends and family and use them as give aways for my real estate practice.  Over time, friends and family would ask to purchase candles and one day, I found I actually had a small candle business which I named Sentiments Soy Candles.  I began setting up pop-up shops at craft fairs, art shows, homes, offices, and small businesses...to sell candles, but always promoting my practice of Real Estate.   Sentiments evolved to where I had my candles in consignment boutiques, serviced a variety of regular wholesale accounts, an active online business, and many fundraisers for schools, organizations, and charities. It quickly demanded much of my time and left me little to devote to my growing real estate practice.  After much soul-searching, I scaled back Sentiments dramatically and now am able to realize my dream of being a full-time realtor and having a really fun side business and hobby of candle making...Sentiments.

You may occasionally see my candles "pop-up" in a few places but the bulk of this very small business is online and devoted to helping local organizations raise a few dollars through candles sales. 

I still make my candles the same way I always have, in small batches, using the same quality soy and fragrances.  

As always, you can depend on a Sentiments Soy Candle being a beautiful presentation, richly fragranced, and clean burning!