About: Sentiments Soy Candles

Fragrance is everywhere and a part of our world.  It is a vehicle that brings us back or serves as a touchstone to a variety of places, people, and life experiences! 



Sentiments Soy Candles

 What makes Sentiments Soy Candles stand ahead of our competitor’s?

  • Sentiments Soy Candles and all of their components are made in the United States.
  • Sentiments Soy Candles do exactly what a candle should do:  
    • Burn properly and completely
    • Fill your home with true to life fragrances


What you can expect from Sentiments Soy Candles

  • All Sentiments candle fragrances have been burn tested…,
    • this means, we know that all candles smell good when you first buy them...we make sure the fragrance is just as wonderful while burning!
  • You will get the fragrance you expect. 
  • My Sentiments candles will fragrance large rooms and open floor plans!
  • Sentiments Soy Candles will sweep the entire jar as they burn.  There will be no wax to play with on the sides! 


If any candle does not perform well, I'll take it back and replace it…it’s that simple!